Be12 Swiss DataBank

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Be12 Swiss Bank

A maximum security cloud for companies

Be12 is a Swiss startup dedicated to cybersecurity. With the development of its first product, we were challenged to develop a unified brand architecture and visual identity that would be able to position the company globally and allow value to be transferred to future product launches.

What we did

Brand Strategy     Naming     Visual Identity     Graphic Design     Web Design     UX/UI

The outcome

The creation of a solid branding and naming strategy, with clear visual identity guidelines and UI styles, streamlined the design processes and facilitated the brand’s market penetration. The UX design process allowed us to understand the user and their different use cases to guide the design process, creating a platform with very useful and easy to use functionalities.

Brand Strategy & Naming

Visual Identity

Graphic Design

Web Design

UX/UI – Be12 Business

UX/UI – Be12 Sync

UX/UI – Be12 Code

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