A3 Logistic

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We trade the world for you

A3 Logistic is a freight forwarding company dedicated to the international transport of goods by air, sea and land. They wanted to renew their visual identity and create a new website, with the aim of modernizing their image and making their value proposition clearer and more attractive to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

What we did

Brand Strategy    Brand Restyling    Web Design & Programming    Graphic Design

The outcome

Through the slogan “We trade the world for you” we created a new positioning and a verbal identity that communicates its differential point with respect to other larger freight forwarders: a close, personalized treatment and a premium experience. On a visual level, we created an identity that reflects quality, seriousness and modernity, and we incorporated blue as a background color to represent that maritime transport is their area of expertise.

Brand restyling

a3 logistic - logo restyling
a3 logistic - new logo
a3 logistic - color palette
a3 logistic - typography
a3 logistic - verbal identity

Web Design & Programming

Graphic Design

a3 logistic - folder carpeta
a3 logistic - folder carpeta interior
a3 logistic - letterhead
a3 logistic - business cards
a3 logistic - envelope small
a3 logistic - envelope big
a3 logistic - mousepad
a3 logistic - power point template design
a3 logistic - linkedin

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